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Seek, Don't Hide

So 1, 2, 3... ready or not it's time to seek out those deals at The Blessed Fair today!

Heaven or Hell

"I am exposed, I am undone, You tear the walls down one by one..."

Exclusive Glam

Let the glamorous good times begin at The Exclusive Event!

Blessings In The Mirror

It would be hard not to feel thankful when you see the delights that are waiting for you at the brand new Blessed Fair beginning tomorrow!

Monarchy Angel Awards

One of the things I love about working at The Monarchy, is that it really is a positive environment.

Motivation Monday

Today I invite you to embrace who you are. The good, the bad, and the in between.


This... was the sound of heavy foot steps... coming closer...

The Monarchy Downtown

This new urban strip is just one more way in which Meela Vanderbuilt-Foxx is always providing entertainment and helping her guests relax.

Getting Sweaty

The generosity of those I meet in Second Life never ceases to amaze me.


In my line of work, people can sometimes overlook these signs or simply ignore them and think they'll cruise right on through.

Caught in the Act

Whatever your dirty kink, Domizia and her team have created a place to let you indulge to your heart's content.

Nap Time Daydreams

Some times, all I want to do... is climb in bed and think of you...

City Summer Nights

When the private life of your neighbors is only a landing away... oh the things you can hear.


Pick any path and you'll see more of the tale unfolding around you and it will speak to the shutterbug in all of us.

Breakfast of Champions

His tongue, hot and rough, dragged over her nipple claiming the fresh drops welling there and another sound of his pleasure rolled over her.