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One of the things which never ceases to amaze me about our virtual world, even after more than twelve years of exploration, are the magnificent places people create. It's amazing to see what can happen in a user, as the content creator, driven universe. One of the places I had the good fortune to visit recently, is CandleWood. So many sims have their own stories even if it's only in their genesis, however here you are treated to a bit of that narrative when you first arrive. Pick any path and you'll see more of the tale unfolding around you and it will speak to the shutterbug in all of us.

I can never resist snapping a shot or two any time my travels take me through this enchanting space. In these raw shots (some of which defy even a bad rez day) you can see how magnificent the environment created and cared for by the team of Ryanna Foxclaw, Doc Battitude, and Adalynnereed truly is. I encourage you to make the trip soon and discover all there is to offer beyond the visual delights. If you fall too deeply in love with the romantic dance ring, the intimate wine garden, or the many cozy spaces cuddle; not to worry. They even have some rentals available so you never have to leave!

If you visit soon, you can even catch the display of the 2019 photography contest winners at the cafe. Some masterful artwork that you really must see. So... what are you waiting for? Go visit.

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