• Damia Vella


** The following is a work of fiction that contains may contain trigger material, please read only for entertainment **

Pounding. A heavy pounding beat was the first thing she became aware of through the darkness and the haze filling her mind. Confusion made her slow to register the cool air against her bare skin, the tickle of thin chains brushing her exposed ribs and hips. Trying to open her eyes to look down brought on a sense of disorientation and the edge of blind panic upon realizing, she couldn't.

Her hands tried to fly to her face, desperate to wipe away some obstruction she could sense there and restore her sight. A sharp pain in her wrists and against the back of her neck brought that to an abrupt halt. That pounding was becoming faster and louder in her ears while the world swam in a sea of terrifying sensations around her. There was so much she couldn't understand and she couldn't even think clearly enough to wonder about why that was. Her breathing was rapid and shallow while she struggled with a chilling dread and that blasted pounding beating wasn't helping.

Willing herself to breath deeper and focus on things one at a time she slowly began to clear some of that haze from her thoughts. She'd been heading home, it was night, someone behind her, strong arms grabbed her and she couldn't run, and then... only darkness. Slowly the cold certainty that this wasn't a nightmare began to beat itself into her with each pounding thump. Swallowing back another wave of panic she willed herself to process what she could sense of her situation.

Her vision was blocked out, she had something on her face... a blindfold. Yes that made sense. She couldn't understand what she felt around her body but she knew she was naked. There was something tight around her throat and testing her movements told her that her wrists were secured to it. She was on her knees and she knew she was indoors. That pounding was a little less intense now and she could hear the echo of her breathing off what must be empty walls. The room didn't seem to be a large one but she couldn't be sure.

Shifting on her knees made a shiver run down her spine. It only drove home harder how helpless she was. How much had been taken from her in an instant. Stifling a sob she tensed as the sound came back to her, hollow and empty in the unknown space along with something else. The pounding was back but... it was different. In a sudden moment of clarity she realized two things. First, that beat had been her heart pounding in her ears up until this moment. The second, was that this pounding thud was very different. This... was the sound of heavy foot steps... coming closer...

Get your hands on me and help me finish this story?

Thank you for reading,

𝓓𝓪𝓶𝓲𝓪 𝓥𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓪


Backdrop ~ Neon Storm by FOXCITY.

Pose ~ Red Hot Bento Pose Set FOXCITY.

Hair ~ Pink by DOUX (May 2019 equal10)

Blindfold ~ Jezebel Blindfold by Eudora3D (Shiny Shabby April 2017 gacha)

Collar & Cuffs ~ Midas Restraints by AsteroidBox (Romp May 2019)

Chains ~ Soraya by Salt & Pepper

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