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Celebrating Samhain

Without question, this is my favorite holiday during my favorite time of year and as the witching hour approaches I often find myself...

House Call

Without a moments pause he kicked her panties all the way off and used his firm grip on her fleshy thighs to spread her wide. Really wide.

Environment for Everyone

...I believe it is more important than ever to come together with friends of all shapes, sizes, colors, creeds, orientations, etc.

With A Bang!

I've been honored to be selected as a blogger for the fabulous [ west end ] poses!!

A New Look

I have been debating and trialing potential revamps to my look since Bakes on Mesh became more wide spread.

The Curtain is Rising...

I can not express the many things I feel as the hour draws near for my latest production to begin. A Royal Review burlesque show is a...

Coming Soon...

If you haven't yet experienced one of my productions than you absolutely will not want to miss this!

Partying with Friends

Being able to connect with friends both new and old while sharing mutual interests in a safe environment is a cause for celebration...

Lux Lifestyle

On the whole today, I'm just feeling that Lux Lifestyle folks.

Selling Myself

I often hear 'I don't pay for sex' or get asked why anyone would. The simple answer is, no one does.

Victoria's Real Secret

Men often wonder to themselves, why it takes us ladies so long to get ready. We wear so little half the time that they can't conceive of...

Dia de los Meurtos

May we all be held in the hearts of those who's lives we touch even when we have passed on.

Original Sin

It's often said the original is the best isn't it?

Date Night Show

He had her trapped in every possible way and she didn't even want to escape.

Everyone Loves Fashion

Grab your coffee, turn on your personal soundtrack, and head over to get your Hollywood Glam exclusives before they're gone!!

First Class

It's first class or no class when you're stepping out in Hollywood Glam style.

Welcome Fall

So welcome fall, I embrace you and will hold onto every little piece of you that I can.

So Hollywood

Let's face it, everyone likes to feel fancy from time to time.