• Damia Vella

Breakfast of Champions

One look, that's all it took to know what he was thinking.

When he'd told her to come to breakfast naked, she'd been nervous. When he only wore a pair of briefs as he sat down, she'd been excited. Yet he'd simply wished her a good morning, taken the tea she'd prepared for him, and began to look over the newspaper. They'd been sitting in silence for what felt like an eternity since.

Stealing glances at him had done little to steady her nerves so she'd tried to focus on her own drink or the meal. Anything to keep from shifting again on the unyielding wooden seat beneath her nude figure and spreading her thighs wider. It was no use. Nothing on the table could satisfy the hunger she truly felt since obeying his command. Yet now he seemed content simply to read and stir his tea.

The sun streaming in from the windows warmed the room, but not enough to keep her from shivering. Glancing at the spring colors and blossoms of the garden through the uncovered windows some how made her feel even more exposed. Rubbing her hands over her bare thighs did little to help with the sensation or to take her mind from the growing pressure in her breasts. A pressure that would need relief soon if the warm trickle she suddenly felt down her ribs was any indication.

That was when she dared another look at him and the world stopped. His gaze was tracking that damp trail down her bare flesh and the blaze in his eyes set her whole body on fire as well. His eyes never left her while he pushed his chair back a bit from the table. Setting down the newspaper then pushing his cup and saucer he leaned back in his chair motioning her near with a single finger.

She didn't hesitate for a moment, she was up and out of her chair to stand poised at his side in a heart beat. Her breath coming faster now while she watched his casual posture, so at odds with the growing bulge in his dark underwear. He reached out one hand to settle on the curve of her hip and guide her to stand so he could look at her with ease but he didn't pull back. Just held her there with an easy possessive manner that made her knees weak.

More moisture developed on her pert nipples to glisten in the mid morning light before it followed the growing trail down the gentle curve under her breast, over her ribs and lower still to her stomach. When he finally spoke to her, there was a familiar edge to his tone and it made other parts of her dripping wet in kind.

"You know I prefer milk with my tea. But today, I think I want it straight from the source."

Reaching up with his free hand, he trailed his thumb over one glistening nipple before bringing the damp digit to his lips to taste her milk anew. Meeting her gaze he let out a low growl and before she knew what was happening he had stood, swept her up, and had pinned her down on the hard table top. He was on top of her before she could think, the press of his erection into her hip drew a low moan from her. She tried to reach for him but he stopped her with a shake of his head.

"Not yet. First, I'm going to get my milk. And you..."

His tongue, hot and rough, dragged over her nipple claiming the fresh drops welling there and another sound of his pleasure rolled over her.

"You're going to earn your keep my little heart."

There were no more words between them, only the sounds of his claims and her surrender as they breakfasted until noon.

Thank you for reading,

𝓓𝓪𝓶𝓲𝓪 𝓥𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓪



Pose ~ Feel you here forever by Luanes World

Nipples ~ IVORY Dainty Dairy Set by [LAB737]

Pictures ~ Baybrooke Framed Prints by Trompe Loeil

Tarts & Muffins ~ West Village French Tart Assortment, & West Village Blueberries & Cream Muffins by Apple Fall

Shell ~ Nauticus Shell Vessel by Apple Fall

Sideboard ~ Callot Cabinet by Fancy Decor

Table, Bench & Chair ~ Eaton dining set by Llorisen

Tea ~ Juliette Tea Collection by Apple Fall

Newspaper ~ Camber Newspaper Decor by What Next

Rug ~Blue and green rug by Dutchie

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