• Damia Vella

The Monarchy Downtown

I couldn't resist taking another trip into the new Monarchy Downtown to enjoy the chic atmosphere. While there are many nooks and crannies to The Monarchy that I feel I must share soon, I thought I'd start with this newest addition. Our VIP and Elite guests know the club pretty well since it's where most of the parties begin. This new urban strip is just one more way in which Meela Vanderbuilt-Foxx is always providing entertainment and helping her guests relax.

There's so much to enjoy, perhaps a ride in the sleek vehicles waiting at the curb? Or the comfortable seating under a sun shade to window shop the high end store fronts? Maybe even a sweet treat from the ice cream stand or a bit of caffeine from the coffee cart beside it? The jewel of Monarchy Downtown though are the two fully furnished apartments I mentioned in my Nap Time Daydreams post. I could detail out all the delights waiting for those who rent an hour or two in these stunning two story private getaways, but you'll have far more fun finding a Monarchy girl and exploring them yourself.

Until then, here's a bit of a tour of what you can find when you come visit The Monarchy Downtown.

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