Services & Equipment


  • L$200 – Starts your dance
  • L$500 – Topless
  • L$1,000 – Nude
  •  L$800 – Clothed (30 mins)
  • L$1,250 – Topless (30 mins)
  • L$1,400 – Nude (30 mins)
  •  L$1,500 – Let your hands wander (30 Mins)
  • L$1,700 – Topless on your lap (30 Mins)
  • L$1,800 – Nude on your lap (30 Mins)
  • L$1,900 - Happy ending hand job (40-mins)
  • L$2,000 - Happy ending blow job (40-mins)
For just you or invite your friends along.  This is your chance to get me all to yourself for a while and really see how I move.
  •  L$1,200 – clothed (30 Mins)
  • L$1,500 – topless (30 Mins)
  • L$1,700 – nude (30 Mins)
Custom made sets, choreography, promotional material, and more.  I'll create a unique production tailored to your needs and location for a unique entertainment experience.
  •  Packages begin at L$30,00


Can include nudity. May involve date night, night out dancing or to dinner, role play, a bit of cuddling close in a romatince spot, or just chatting about kinks together all night long.  Anything goes as long as it's platonic.
  • At my place - 2,000/hr
  • Wherever you want – L$2,500/hr
  • Optional – $1,800/hr when tipping for 2+ hours if available
  • L$1,500 – Hand job/Finger Me (30 mins)
  • L$1,900 – Blow Job/Lick Me (30 mins)


L$5,000 – One on one (Per Hour)
L$2,500 – Additional for threesomes (per person)
L$1,000 - Additional for extreme appearance alterations (per session)


L$15,000 – Romance Package:
Date, dance, cuddle, converse, explore, role play, collaring, whatever you
want to make me your girlfriend, wife, slave… make me your fantasy,
without sex.
L$30,000 – Total Package:
The week is yours.  You name it, you got it.  I’m yours for the week so let’s
make it truly fantastic.  Let me fulfill every one of your desires day after
day till your Second Life is the only one you want for seven days.
L$45,000 – Partnership Package:
All these things, and more.  Take over my partner box for your week and
put your mark on me in every possible way.
L$40,000 – Elite Package:
Available only to repeat clients.  Customize your package with
everything and anything your heart desires.  Want something you don’t see here?  Let’s discuss it.  You’ll also receive a choice between a commutative photograph of our time together, or a custom built space for our play.  Treat yourself to the best of it all.

Interior Design

L$2,000 – Evaluation of your current space (Per Hour)
L$5,000 – Design a space.  Tell me your vision and I’ll provide you with a list
of suggestions and LMs to fill it. (Per Room)
L$15,000 – Build it together.  I’ll shop with you and help set up the space until it feels just right to you.

Personal Shoper

L$1,500 – Have something in mind but no time to hunt it down?  I’ll send you a list of options and where to find it. (Per Day)
L$5,000 – Let’s go shopping together till we find all those treasures you just
can’t live without.  I'll go with you to look at demos or
find the perfect accessories.


L$1,500 – One hour session of up to 3 high quality photos of you alone
L$4,000 – Couple session or staged on location shoot, up to 5 edited images.


Sweet Additions

Vista Animations Couples HUD - Hug, kiss or dance together anywhere

Huddlez ~ Have me work it anywhere you want it

CTS Wardrobe ~ Look through my wardrobe and even dress me for our time together


Add Some Heat

RLV ~ Collars and cuffs available for play

Code 5 Spanker ~ Make my ass red

Mama Allpa ~ Breed me (Forced Enabled)

Deciduan Couples HUD ~ Breed me

It's Not Mine ~ Cum system


Nice for later

Heartbeat Belly ~ Parade around your breeder

[LAB737] IVORY Dainty Dairy ~ Milk me

[LAB737] IVORY Milk Bar ~ Drink your fill & boost me