• Damia Vella

Selling Myself

To say that there's a stigma on the adult industry in Second Life is a laughable understatement. Heck I'm a part of it and even I pass judgement some times. Yet one of the things I find most laughable about the entire dichotomy of this mindset is that SL itself is meant to be an adult game. Is it so strange that should include an erotic element?

I think, as with most things, part of the reason so many people judge the industry so harshly is that they do not understand it. I often hear 'I don't pay for sex' or get asked why anyone would. The simple answer is, no one does. This isn't a transaction between physical bodies for pleasure. If pixel pumping or the visual element is all a person is after, there's a plethora of options available.

When someone hands me Linden dollars, they're paying for my time and for my mind. They're booking a partner in crafting their personal fantasy. In my case, it is a service provided by a passionate writer who strives to create a sensual experience through words. I work hard to stimulate that often neglected erogenous zone called… the brain.

It may not be for everyone and I respect that. Our second lives are our own to spend as we desire. I never ask someone to pay for my time. For those whose curiosity I've piqued though, I'll be available to share more any time. Come visit with me?

Thank you for reading,

𝓓𝓪𝓶𝓲𝓪 𝓥𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓪


Projector ~ LumiPro HUD

Poses ~ Bombshell Bento by Hera, Lust by Amitie Poses, & Paint Me by Amitie Poses

Decor ~

Always [Messy] Bed (Poly) by Stockholm&Lima

Small Lamp by Fancy Decor

Watson Side Table by Fancy Decor

Callot Cabinet by Fancy Decor

Colleen Urn by Fancy Decor

Oh My - Wall Decor by Tartessos Arts

Hair ~ Elixir by TRUTH

Crown ~ LOVER'S KNOT Tiara by *AvaWay*

Earrings ~ Skylar :: by Cae

Necklace ~ RENEE Necklaces Set by *AvaWay*

Arm Bands ~ JESSICA ARMLETS *AvaWay*

Lingerie ~ Jordy Ooh La La Lingerie by Addams

Rings ~ Zodiac Rings by (Yummy)

Stockings ~ Fitmesh Stocking by Maddict

Shoes ~ Basic Platform Stiletto by REIGN.

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