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With A Bang!

June has arrived, summer is just around the corner, and the world is still turning even if things remain a bit mad. Yet none of that is what has me so excited right this minute. The really big news is... I've been honored to be selected as a blogger for the fabulous [ west end ] poses!! If you are unfamiliar with Beloved Ruby's amazing work, well than you're in for a treat and if you already love these goodies you're going to be thrilled with what I have to share next!

As the title implies, I couldn't resist kicking off this new venture any other way than with a bang. Literally. By showcasing some of the scintillating, scandalous and down right sexy poses Ruby has created for the upcoming Pose Fair After Dark.

It seems only fitting that today is Hump Day because I had to borrow my partner in all things right away and show off the perfectly named 'His' pose. Available as of June 7th, this is just one of the twelve brand new poses West End will be releasing. Wait, this gets even more thrilling because several of these even have breathing animations as well as static poses. I'll be sharing more about those soon.

For now, I simply have to tease you with a sneak peek of this bento couples pose that makes me squirm in every way. Get your Linden dollars ready for these because with a singles pack, couples poses, and even a threesome thrown in there... you're not going to want to wait another second to make these your own. Get a taste of what more is headed your way by checking out the West End Facebook, Flickr, and customer Flickr Group and I'll see you all After Dark.

Thank you for reading,

𝓓𝓪𝓶𝓲𝓪 𝓥𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓪



Pose ~ His - Couples Pose by [ west end ] (Available at June '20 Pose Fair After Dark)

Backdrop ~ Down The Rabbit Hole by FOXCITY. & City Life by FOXCITY.

Projector ~ LumiPro HUD

Bystanders ~ O/ PROP PEDESTRIAN by Outterspace

Hair ~ Clarissa by KUNI

Necklace ~ RENEE Necklaces Set by *AvaWay*

Top ~ Ann [undress me] by [I<3F]

Rings ~ Lover Ring Set by (Yummy)

Skirt ~ College Bae Pleated Skirt by RAMA

Shoes ~ Anna Sandals by EQUAL

Panties ~ My Pantie by Amitie

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