• Damia Vella

House Call

"Just come over for a couple hours will ya? I've got something I want to share with you."

The horizon was already turning a dusky hue as she knocked on his door. It wasn't as if she could refuse a friend she'd known so long. He'd called her mid day and she knew he'd been going through a stressful time at work lately, so she'd found herself at his apartment rather than heading home after her shift. It didn't take long before he appeared to usher her inside, still in his own business casual attire complete with loosened tie.

"Alright. I'm here. Whatever you've got to share it better involve dinner too. I'm just saying," she pointed at her belly all before he could get a word out, "hungry."

His laughter followed her into the bachelor pad while she dropped off her purse and jacket before turning to face him with an expectantly raised brow. However unlike every other time she'd come round, he wasn't settling on the couch or at the counter in the kitchen. He hadn't even slowed down for her griping or posturing. She could just see him marching straight into his bedroom with the door wide open behind him.

The odd behavior continued when he called out for her to follow him. Now if he'd been changing out of his work clothes, he'd have closed the door. If he had some sort of major news, he'd have just told her in the living room. If he'd purchased some kind of crazy new bed or dresser or lord only knows what guys get excited about, he'd have just told her on the phone. He would have asked her if she needed to use the one restroom which was accessible only through a door in the back of the bedroom. So despite the fact that she was already moving to join him in his room, she couldn't fathom why he needed her in there.

A conundrum which only became more perplexing when she walked into the room, lit only by the glow of the fading day light and the city outside his balcony. Narrowing her eyes while she took in the same sturdy unmade bed, sleek television on a modern dresser, and the dark would chest of drawers he'd always had in the modest space. Crossing her arms she pinned him with an impatient glare while she tapped one stiletto making it clear she was awaiting an explanation.

"Cool your jets hangry, I'll take care of ya in a bit."

His tone and demeanor was utterly relaxed and unhurried in the manner of two people who had a long standing history to their friendship. It only served to annoy her further. As did the way he slid the still knotted tie over his head and tossed it with practiced ease. It caught perfectly on the handle of his patio door and swung there taunting her in the same way his tall and muscular figure did while he toed off his loafers with his back to her. By the time he was unbuttoning his shirt at the slowest pace known to man she lost her patience.

"Oh for the love... why am I here? Seriously? You don't need my help putting on sweats even if you didn't turn on a light."

The laugh which met her words this time was unlike any she'd heard from him before. It was a dark sound which fit the dim room and gave her rant pause. He didn't even bother to face her while he continued his routine and shed his shirt so that it fell carelessly to the floor. This too was out of character for him and she felt her nerves building when he reached for the standing dark wood chest. Something she'd never seen the inside of and had only wondered about in passing when she'd visited before. Now watching his large hands rest against the smooth grain, she felt suddenly unsure she wanted to know what was within.

"It's a damn good thing you're in those stockings tonight. With all the attitude you're flicking I'm already going to have this conversation with you in a way other than what I planned when I called. You see, I was going to explain, ease you into it, ask you if you'd help me out. Now..."

Part of her wanted to look away and not find out where this situation was heading. It felt like something dangerous was developing and she couldn't understand why she had such a notion or what had happened to spark it. Yet as the doors swung open she couldn't resist the curiosity of peeking inside. Then drawing nearer when he stepped back so she could get a better look.

Rich crimson fabric provided a sensual back drop to an array of leather, steel, silk, and rubber tools. Her lips parted taking in gags, blindfolds, cuffs, and a whole line up of paddles and floggers of which she only recognized a fraction. So preoccupied was she in studying all the items she'd never seen in person before, let alone hanging before her in the home of a man she thought she knew as a close friend, that she failed to register the sound of his belt buckle or zipper being undone.

It was hard to miss the feel of him stepping up behind her and so close that her back was now pressed against his bare chest. Strong hands gripped her upper arms keeping her from pulling away despite the startled gasp she let out. She could feel that his jeans were hanging open and he was... enjoying her reaction to this secret stash, if the hard press against her lower back was any indication. He bent down to whisper in her ear and she felt the pressure of his hold on her increase sending a sudden shiver down her spine.

"You see, I have a very particular way of relieving stress. I was going to ask you if you were familiar with elements of this. I already know you've got a submissive streak. I was going to have a calm conversation with you and find out if you like being spanked. Then you opened that luscious mouth just as soon as I opened the door. So now you get a choice, and only one. Make it and live with the consequences because after you do, I'm going to take control of our evening."

"Wh... what choice?" It wasn't the question she meant to ask. Her mind was reeling and some part of her knew she should be outraged by what he was saying. By how he had her pinned against his erection while he was half dressed showing her his chest of toys. Yet he wasn't wrong about her. She had felt the urge to be submissive with him many times and now she found she was in exactly that head space.

"Stay and play or go home. I know we've only been friends and I'm not looking to change that but I need release tonight. I need this kind of release and I want it with you. If you can't handle that or don't feel the same, I'll buy you dinner and let you go with nothing changed between us. But if you stay, this..."

A loud crack filled the room right before her startled brain registered a burning sting on her ass even under her skirt and panties. She drew in a belated gasp which somehow sounded like a breathy moan and she was confused by the conflicting sensations her body was experiencing.

"... is mine," he growled.

He hadn't raised his voice, hadn't laughed like it was a joke, hadn't even let her look at his face the whole time he was talking. This was just a set of facts to him and he was laying them out for her. Much as she felt confusion and disbelief at this moment which had seemingly come out of no where, she trusted the man holding her. She knew he meant what he was saying and there was no denying what he was showing her or what she felt pressed against her back.

"I... I've never... I don't know how..." her halting speech was interrupted by his words whispered into her ear once more.

"I know. It's ok, I can show you. I can take care of you like I said."

She felt herself melting into him at the quiet confidence in his statement. It wasn't a conscious thought, but her hips were rocking back against his now and she felt a flush rising on her cheeks. His hands didn't move. He wasn't pushing her one way or the other, just waiting for her to choose. Much as the sight of the tools and toys he had collected on display before her made her gut clench, the way he was letting her make the decision soothed her.

"It's just," she swallowed hard and closed her eyes tightly before she spit out the rest of the confession. "It's just that I don't enjoy pain that much. I really don't think I can help you the way you want."

His laugh jarred her from her spiraling thoughts. A maelstrom of questioning whether or not she wanted this. If it was a good idea to risk their friendship this way. What would happen if she did. If she didn't. Would he even enjoy it if she did when just the sight of those paddles had her wincing.

"That's just it. It's not about the pain, not really. It's about how much better the pleasure feels when you've had a taste of the pain. I don't need to go to extremes tonight and I'd never do that the first time. I don't even need any of those to teach you what I like. You just have to make your choice and I'll handle the rest."

Casting a hesitant glance toward the toy chest once more, she let his deep voice soothe and guide her toward the decision she'd already made. They both knew what it was. He just needed to hear her say it and she needed to admit it. It was an unspoken understanding between them borne of their long friendship. So it didn't truly surprise her that as soon as she took a deep breath and spoke the words aloud, he was already moving.

"I'll stay... AIEEE!! What are you doing?!"

He didn't answer her, just continued ripping off her top and jerking down her skirt. His sure hands had her bra off and tossed to the floor seconds before his pants joined it. There wasn't time to react, adjust, or even wonder if she'd made the right choice. He still had her back pinned to his now naked front and his rigid shaft was smearing his eagerness all over her backside.

Step by steady step, he guided her backward toward the edge of the bed. With mind boggling speed he peeled her panties down to her ankles and then grabbed her stocking clad thighs in a vice grip. The next second she understood why. He tipped back and let them both fall onto his mussed up sheets, knocking the air out of both of them. Without a moments pause he kicked her panties all the way off and used his firm grip on her fleshy thighs to spread her wide. Really wide. So much wider than she was used to and she was on top of him so the position confused her all the more. Yet again, it was his deep growling voice which gave her guidance.

"First we're going to get you warmed up, my way. Grab my cock and work just the tip inside while I hold you open. Then rub that clit for me while I fuck you like we're on camera. When I start to spank you, you're going to scream for me... but with how wet you already are... we both know it'll be because you love it. Now let's find some bliss baby."

She didn't have to think. She didn't have to wonder. She just did as she was told and became his sleeve.

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