• Damia Vella

Spilling Secrets

The saying goes that May brings flowers, which it certainly has in my corner of the world. Yet another thing that's in bloom is my career with The Monarchy club. This month I was promoted to the status of Playmate and as silly as it may seem, I'm so excited about this achievement. For a person who is driven to please, this feels like a validation of my work to do exactly that.


There are a number of perks I'm looking forward to having access to but one of the first was the chance to be featured on the Club's web page as one of The Collective. Those regal ladies who've earned the status of Playmate and work exclusively for The Monarchy. I was thrilled when they website updated and my photo appeared along side women I respect and admire. It was everything I'd hoped for!

So color me surprised when the management announced they'd be doing a little something extra this month. It couldn't have been a better time to earn this title and be highlighted in yet another way on our stunning web site. Of course I wasn't quite prepared for the questions they asked us to answer for the feature... like what's my dirtiest secret. I thought about all the clever things I could say, all the coy answers I could give. Yet in the end, I settled for the honest truth.

I still blush a little thinking about spilling that secret, but honesty is the best policy right? Curious as to what it was I confessed to yet? Well you can read my secret for yourself, and then maybe call me and share one or two of your own.

Thank you for reading,

𝓓𝓪𝓶𝓲𝓪 𝓥𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓪



Hair & Headband ~ Joy by TRUTH (December 2018 VIP Group Gift)

Lingerie ~ Horizon by Glitzz (Exclusive at Kinky May 2019)

Stockings ~ Valentine's Day Gift by Blueberry

Shoes ~ Crystal.Heels by Mossu

Pose ~ Call Me Bento Pose by HERA

Lantern ~ West Village Abby Candles by Apple Fall (Group Gift April 2019)

Book ~ Garden Getaway Diary by Nutmeg (Epiphany April 2019)

Table ~ Garden Getaway Table by Nutmeg (Epiphany April 2019)

Couch ~ Angel Oak Multisit Sofa by Fapple (Pocket Gacha June 2018)

Phone ~ Phone Handset In by David Heather (The Arcade March 2018)

Rug ~ The Trashy Executive Carpet by DRD

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